In The Beginning

FREE Seminar Coming Live to Port Orchard, WA
Begins Friday, February 23, 2018

Investigate the common ground and conflicts between science and religion on the subject of creation, and uncover scientific evidence that points to the authority of the creation narrative. This seminar is designed for anyone interested in hearing about current geology & archaeological studies surrounding our history and man’s origins.

Topics will include:

  • In the Beginning…God or Hydrogen?
  • In the Beginning…Where Did God Go?
  • In the Beginning…Cosmic Accident or Divine Hand?

Your Speaker Dr. Stan Hudson

Dr. Hudson started with a major on geology at the University of California before turning his degree to theology. His passion for earth sciences and the Bible have led him to a life-long study of the origin of humanity. He has co-hosted a radio program focused on issues of origin, and has spoken extensively on TV and across university campuses on the subject.

What People are Saying

“Outstanding presentations.” -Jim
“With all the shouting going on regard evolution versus creation, Dr. Hudson’s approach was refreshing.” -Samantha
“Gave me a perspective of intelligent design that I had never considered before.” -Sara

This is a FREE community service event!

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Friday, February 23, 2018
at 6:30 pm